About Us

As Diamera brand, we have been trying to reflect our 25 years of experience in the diamond sector to new designs in our own office since 2016.

We are excited to present the unique designs we have created with the inspiration of a unique city, Istanbul, where eastern and western cultures are beautifully synthesized.

The high interest in our original designs at the various international fairs we have attended, gives us the power to produce more in our own style.

Quality, sincerity, originality, customer satisfaction is absolutely indispensable to our structure. Dedication and loyalty to our work and art, our company behaviour which is regarding our customer not only a business relationship but as a valuable member of our family are prominent features that make us privileged.

Adres: Diamera Fine Jewellery - Istanbul / Turkiye +90 (212) 519 1657 E-mail: info@diamera.net Mesafeli Satış Sözleşmesi